Applying the Secret – Part 9 – How to Apply the Secret

This article series has been covering the key aspects to work on if you want to get the Law of Attraction and the Secret truly working for you (and not against you). I know that there is a lot of information so I have tried to make it a little easy for you. This easy to follow method shows how your thought and feelings create images of your desire which make your body take the actions required to make that desire come true. It shows the importance of gratitude in this mix, and how by thinking and acting in the certain way you can change your results. This article explains the Stick man diagram process in detail. Your mind is made up of both the conscious and subconscious minds and your body is the vessel for taking the required action. To apply the Secret you must understand how your thoughts cause your feelings, which cause your actions and reactions.

Your thoughts are influenced by your 6 Intellectual Factors.

  1. MEMORY – The things that have occurred in your past play a huge role in the way you now think and act. E.g. If you were attacked by a dog when you were young, even at an older age you may harbor a fear towards dogs, or even have the impressions that all dogs are vicious regardless of breed.
  2. PERCEPTION – Depending on your upbringing you will perceive things to be a certain way. This affects they way you think.
  3. THE WILL – Everyone has a different level of will power. Whether it is strong or weak it affects the way you think and act.
  4. INTUITION – Gut feelings are often your best sense of judgment. You use your intuition to guide you when you are unsure of something.
  5. IMAGINATION – This is one of the most powerful tools we have. It is the creativity of our imagination that drives us forward and keeps us advancing. Imagination greatly affects your thoughts and feelings.
  6. REASON – This is what makes you cautious. Reason makes you step back and think of other solutions or options. Reason keeps you grounded.

Your 5 sensory factors (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing) also play a huge role in defining your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes a certain smell may triggers old memories / feelings for you. If that trigger is a negative one, the new thoughts you have will also be negative. It is with your conscious mind that you choose your thoughts and feelings, with the Intellectual and Sensory factors playing their role. It is in the subconscious mind that those thoughts and feelings create images of what you desire (what ever that may be for you).

Once you have the picture of what you want in your mind, it is then up to your body to take inspired actions and make the necessary reactions to get the results you desire. i.e. You can’t just visualize a million dollars coming to you, and sit around waiting for it. You do actually have to get up and do something to the ball rolling so the Universe will also go to work in providing it for you.

The key to making all of this work is GRATITUDE. You need to consistently express gratitude for the things you want and the things you already have. If you do this, God (Universe) will provide more of what you are grateful for.

So now you are thinking and acting in the certain way. It is important to note here that the results you will get are always influenced by the conditions, circumstances, environment and your chosen behavior.

So to change the results you need to take committed and inspired action that will enable you to think and act in the certain way. Now if you go back to the beginning of this cycle and let it run through again, your desired results are more likely to have manifested themselves for you.

Whatever you think, feel and imagine will be attracted to you. This is THE SECRET.

What do you want? God (Universe) will provide it for you. BUT… you have to remain open to receiving it and willing to take inspired action to get the desired results. Subscribe to my blog if you would like to receive a free diagram which easily demonstrates the above process.

Source by Lina Atkinson

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