Expanding access to credit in Tanzania with mobile data – #Insiders4Good

My name is Job Ndiango, I'm from Tanzania, and my solution is mobScore MobScore is a solution for young and new entrepreneurs seeking loans

What it does is create a credit score for these people using mobile money data versus the conventional method used by financial institutions to assess risk Traditional credit scores take advantage of people using banks They just want to know how much you're getting per month and salary And I thought, why can't they use more data, everybody's using their phone And I later going to what to find out, when I spoke to some few people in the banking industry that, banks, they usually take a longer time to innovate

For people who are in the rural areas, who are businessmen, small business people, they do not have the access to banking, and all of the amenities to get all the information in one place So mobile data is a good place to go find that credit worthiness