Getting Credit Repair Help From Your Creditors

In this modern day and age, good credit is essential. For the purposes of buying a car or home, things most would need necessities, the consumer must have credit. Most consumers now have credit cards, as well, due to the popularity of shopping at online e-commerce websites. There are many ways that some people blemish their credit including missing a minimum payment on their credit card, allowing a loan to go into default, or through not paying a utility bill. In these instances, the creditor will report the default to a credit reporting agency. The even more difficult part comes in fixing the problem once it has shown up on your credit as a negative strike. Negative items such as these can remain on your credit report for up to seven years.

Through taking action as soon as you are aware that a negative item has been added to your credit history, you can make the process of repairing your credit much smoother. This immediate action will ensure that you do not have to deal with bad credit problems such as not being able to open new accounts, not being able to get new credit extended to you, not being able to rent a vehicle, not being able to rent home , or not getting approved for mortgage. No one wants to deal with these problems, and therefore swift action to repair your credit is essential.

Perhaps one of the simplest preemptive actions you can take when you do fall behind on a payment is to simply call the creditor. Most people would shy away from doing this because they would feel embarrassed for having to explain why the payment is late. However, allowing embarrassment to prevent you from simply picking up the phone could cost you long-term credit problems as mentioned above.

When you know that you are going to have trouble with a particular debt, the best policy is to call up the creditor. Most creditors will discuss different payment options, and in some situations they may defer a payment altogether. It is not in the creditor's best interest to be uncooperative, so in most situations a phone call can go a long way in relieving your problem. A late payment only becomes a problem if the claimant reports you to the credit reporting agency, and there before these preemptive credit repair measures go a long way.

If you do contact a creditor for the purposes of preemptive credit repair, offer a payment plan that will work for you. This payment plan must be realistic for the creditor, and it must be a plan that you know you can afford. If you then default on the payment plan that you proposed, it will appear that you were simply buying time to avoid payment all together.

Remember, your creditors decision of whether or not to report you to a credit reporting agency is what will most greatly affect you; that is why contact your creditors regarding an outstanding debt and earnestly convincing them not to report you to a credit reporting agency is so important. Taking preemptive action and contacting your credit to make an alternative payment plan is essential to staying on track with your credit repair.

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